UnderTake eSports Halo 5

UnderTake eSports Halo 5

[UnderTake eSports Staff / Management]

[Founder] WiZ[A]RD 
[Management] Steeezy, PaulosXI 
[Consultant] sQuiddly 
[Talent Acquisition] HeddaN 
[Console eSports Team Manager] Darkfiregeneral 
[Web Development] DSU 
[Graphic Design] AceHydroDude
[Social Media] Shab
[eSports article Creation] Beluzahh

[Team Coach] LegendGGI

[UnderTake Halo 5 Main Line Up]
  • -> INF Lloyd
  • -> Fcruiser2
  • -> CRITSH0TS
  • -> iTz KooPa x
  • uT GrimR3aper

    Thomas Lloyd

    I Play for UnderTake eSports Halo 5 Team and I've Been playing Xbox since halo 2 come out, I only play halo 5 now and have been playing halo 5 for over 2 years....Read More


    Adam Gilpin

    Been playing Xbox since halo CE stepped out for a while and grinded  on CSS became a Mid-High skill player and decided to buy an xbox 360  and jump back into the console scene.  I only play halo 5 now and have been grinding the game for over 11 months now and still enjoying every minute i play.     ...Read More

  • fcruiser2

    Been playing Halo since Halo 3 let's have a cheeky giggle now ...Read More

  • chewiethesith

    I started playing Halo back in Halo 3, mainly just custom games and mm. Since then I've competed in Fifa 15 and various online tournaments in Rome Total war. Now moving back to the fps console scene where I'm chilling with the lads grinding some H5....Read More