UnderTake eSports CS:GO

UnderTake eSports CS:GO

[UnderTake eSports Staff / Management]

[Founder] WiZ[A]RD 
[Management] Steeezy, PaulosXI 
[Consultant] sQuiddly 
[Talent Acquisition] HeddaN 
[Console eSports Team Manager] Darkfiregeneral 
[Web Development] DSU 
[Graphic Design] AceHydroDude
[Social Media] Shab
[eSports article Creation] Beluzahh


[Team Coach] ?

[Team Stand-InDavek0ko

[UnderTake CS:GO Main Line Up]
  • -> Crotiz
  • -> Maze
  • -> LePpe
  • -> Seutoxze
  • -> SpelevinK
  • SpelevinkN

    Emil Pettersson

    “I owe my life to my own advice, follow your motherf****n’ dreams until those visions come to life.” – MGK...Read More

  • LePpe

    Jesper Danielsson

    If i have a awp you are probly looking at this page and crying ...Read More

  • Seutoxze

    Kalle Grundelius

    Im the ingame leader and lurker of Undertakes CS:GO team. I have played Cs since 2004, competivly at a somewhat decent level since the begining of 2009 and im hoping that i will be able to guide my team towards the top in a slow but steady pace!...Read More