UnderTake eSports Revamp 2.0

Sat 11th Nov 2017 - 12:23am : Org Stuff

We will be doing some work inside of the org about the teams and games and also some new Graphics for the Website alongside new team Jerseys for this year to help work improve the organisation we are also planning on changing the games supported inside of the Org in the next few upcoming weeks by getting a new CoD WW2 Team for PS4 and also a PUBG Team on PC more news about the coming changes will be updated on our social media and website as we get the details sorted and everything :)

The games that we at UnderTake eSports will be supporting for 2017 will be made up of the following titles 

PC eSport Games
Dota 2
Battalion 1944
Console eSport Games
Halo 5



Edward Gibbins

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