First Day of the CoD IW Championships 2017

Thu 10th Aug 2017 - 2:28pm : Gaming

The first day concluded at the Call of Duty Championships 2017

Already, the competition has been tough throughout day one bringing a spectacle of performances never seen before. Day one showed the best, the worst and the awful misplays, with this, we saw the first teams qualify for the bracket stage and unfortunately, Projekt Evil eliminated from contention after a disappointing 0-2 start.

EG vs Fnatic
Fnatic - Wuskinz, Tommey, Skrapz and SunnyB
Evil Geniuses - Parasite, Nameless, Nagafen and Havok

Perrenial top eight team in North America, Evil Geniuses.

Finishing top eight for Evil Geniuses is not the final aspiration for this team. This team consists of three players who have played in Call of Duty Championship finals, one of which was successful with Parasite taking home the prestigious title in 2013. This team wants to win and to return to their previous status that once was.

With the addition of Parasite, this team got one step closer to their goal at MLG Anaheim. For the first time this team was able to go deeper than top eight, however, were eventually knocked out at 5th/6th by Cloud 9 in a disappointing 3-0 fashion. It's an improvement for this team, but they will have to do a lot better if they want to bring home the big money this weekend.

Evil Geniuses went up against Fnatic at Stage 2 Groups with Fnatic winning both series in a dominating 3-0 fashion which concluded Evil Geniuses run at Stage 2 unable to qualify for playoffs, they finished with two wins and four losses.

This is the team that appears to be on an upward trajectory but they can't slip up here at the biggest tournament of the year.

On the global ladder, it would probably be fair to consider Fnatic a tier below Evil Geniuses.

The next step for Fnatic would be to occupy the space Evil Geniuses hold as a consistent contender in the top eight.

Fnatic has shown amazing improvement over the course of the year. Prior to Infinite Warfare, up and comer Bradley "Wuskinz" Marshall had never competed on LAN. His twin brother Skrapz has just come out of his rookie year and SunnyB who has a lack of experience on the international stages. However, despite all this Thomas "Tommey" Trewman took a chance, a veteran in the scene with many accolades to his name.

The problem with Fnatic is when it comes to peak performance, they seem to be unable to perform at the top level consistently. When they are at their peak performance, Fnatic moves up a tier in rankings.

When it comes to game modes, there is one Fnatic should be able to win in a distinctive fashion, with this game mode being Uplink. Although this is the least prolific game mode in a series, this young Fnatic team could gain momentum and perform the reverse sweep. A disappointing finish at MLG Anaheim placing 15th/16th, Uplink was statistically their best game mode and this was Evil Geniuses worst mode with a 29% win rate.

For Evil Genusies, their first step is to get their first game on board as they currently are 0-1 in their pool. They won't get in easily, but if they go 2-0 today, they could cause the tiebreaker.

For Fnatic they need to study their team's matches, as they went up against Australians finest Tainted Minds. Although they won, this match was tough after a close 3-2 game. This can be attributed to a weird play style coming from Tainted Minds as we have seen in the past from the Australian region, most notoriously T1 Dotters who were able to secure that top 5 finish at Call of Duty Championship 2014.

Facts about matchup
⦁ Three of the players on EG have been in Call of Duty Championship finals, with Parasite winning in 2013.
⦁ Fnatic and Evil Geniuses were in the same pool for Stage One of the Global Pro League and traded series 1-1.



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