UnderTake eSports Looking For CS:GO Coach / Manager

Sun 2nd Jul 2017 - 12:17am : Gaming : General

Hey we at UnderTake eSports are looking for a Highly experienced player that is willing to coach our cs:go a team that is made up of 5 Swedish players that are playing in the Nordic knight's Leauge in 3rd place among other cups and tournaments such as ESEA we would require you to meet the following criteria.

. Must speak fluent English/Swedish
. Must be active and willing to put the time into demo review and etc.
. Must be able to work alongside the Team Players and Orgs staff/Managment.
. Must be able to work with practice schedules and Admin work such as signing the team into matches and cups and leagues and finding scrims/practice matches

Feel free to get in contact with me via Email Steam or Twitter

[Twitter] UnderTakeGG




Edward Gibbins

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